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MU Helper - in-game help system. it is built into the game and it works even if the game window is minimized. 


MU Helper has an additional interface window, which is always located at the top of the screen. 

  • the green notebook - hunting log
  • the red sprocket - mu helper settings (also activated with keyboard letter z)
  • yellow play button - start MU helper. (also activated with keyboard button home or wheel-click )
  • number from 1 to 5 - stage.
  • above it all a little line is located which shows the time MU helper has been used. 

For MU helper to work, it requires zen. Every 10 minutes it will consume a certain amount of zen. MU helper can be used from level 20. 

The maximum time that MU helper can be used - 48 hours. Every 10 minutes it will consume from 200k-500k to 1,6kk-4kk zen.

MU Helper will be automatically disabled at certain times: 

  • if the character runs out of zen 
  • if the character dies 
  • if the usage time (48hours) is over 
MU Helper Explanations
image.png.7fbed4065f1347e61b33cbaa5fd552e2.png 1. choosing the action
2. range of attack
3. choosing attack options
4. healing and party settings
5. skill settings
6. buff settings
7. deleting and saving the settings

1. Choosing the action

  • hunting - hunting settings
  • obtaining - obtaining settings (more in post #2) 
  • other settings - other settings (more in post #3)

2. Range of attack

  • the range in which your character will perform the chosen actions (measures in coordinates)

3. Choosing attack options

  • use regular attack - when you don't have mana anymore, use your default skill.
  • use skills closely - the character will approach every monster as closely as possible.
  • long-distance counterattack - the character will attack from the maximum distance possible. 
  • original position - the character will return to its original position every x seconds. 

4. Healing and party settings

  • potion - choose how often your character will consume hp potions. 
  • for characters Dark Wizard, fairy elf additional party settings are available.
  • party - how often your character will buff your party members. don't forget to tick the box party in the party settings. 
  • drain life (summoner) - choose a moment when your summoner will start using drain life. 

5. Skill settings

  • basic skill - a basic skill that will be used to attack. 
  • activation skill 1\2 - additional skills, which usage can be configurated with additional settings. 
  • activation skill have their own settings. click on con. to activate them. you can select 1 of 3 settings. 

1) delay condition setting - after a certain amount of seconds the second skill will be used. 

2) monster condition setting - 

  • the monster within hunting range - the attack will be periodically used with the basic attack.
  • attacking me - the skill will be used if the monsters start attacking your character. 

3) sub-con - how many monsters should be around the character in order to activate setting №2 

  • over 2 mobs
  • over 3 mobs
  • over 4 mobs
  • over 5 mobs

6. Buff settings

  • buff duration - choose up to three buffs which will be automatically applied after their effect ends. 
  • buff item 

7. Deleting and saving settings

  • initialization - dismisses all mu helper settings. 
  • save setting - saves the settings.
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Posted (edited)

Obtaining settings

MU Helper Explanations
image.png.1184915aca64dcaa5a0ad09d936dbc80.png 1. range of pick up
2. equipment repair
3. picking up selected categories
4. picking up specified items
5. deleting and saving settings

1. Range of pick up

  • the range in which your character picks up items. (measured in coordinates)

2. Equipment repair

  • tick the box if you want MU helper to automatically repair your items. 

3. Picking up selected categories

  • pick all near items - will pick up all items in the range

pick selected item - will pick up only items that fall in the selected categories by your choice 

  • jewel/gem - all jewels will be picked up.
  • set item - all ancient items will be picked up.
  • zen - zen will be picked up.
  • excellent item - all excellent items will be picked up.
  • event items - items that are stored event inventory will be picked up.
  • add extra items - see point #4

4. Picking up specified items

tick the add extra items box (don't forget to tick the pick selected item box) and enter the name of the item below. click add, and the name of the item appears on the list of other items.
for example - blood bone +2

  • blood - all items with the word blood in the name will be picked up. 
  • blood bone - no items will be picked up, because the correct name is blood bone
  • blood bone - all levels of blood bone will be picked up
  • blood bone +2 - only blood bone +2 will be picked up and nothing else

you can specify up to 12 items at once. to delete an item from the list use the delete button. 
don't forget to click save settings after all and any changes.

5. Deleting and saving settings

  • initialization - dismisses all mu helper settings.
  • save setting - saves the settings.
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Other settings

MU Helper Explanations
image.png.e87af40ae0daf97bf0878f08ecf28d13.png 1. auto accept settings
2. using elite mana potion
3. facebook - doesn't exist anymore
4. deleting and saving settings

1. Auto accept settings

  • auto accept friend - all friend requests will be automatically accepted. 
  • auto accept guild member - all guild requests will be automatically accepted. (if you are the guild master) 

2. Using elite mana potion

  • use elite mana potion - elite mana potion will be used instead of the regular potions.

3. Connection with facebook

  • currently, this function is not working. 

4. Deleting and saving settings

  • initialization - dismisses all mu helper settings.
  • save setting - saves the settings.
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