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Content stages


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Content Stages

The content of each stage will be delivered in parts and will be defined based on the progress of the server.

Stage 1 (Server Start)

  • Rabbits
  • Death King
  • Red Dragon
  • White Wizard
  • Minibosses
  • PvP Events
  • Kanturu Event
  • Medusa Event
  • Protector of Acheron
  • Mapas: Todos los mapas S6 EP3 & Acheron
  • Items: Todos los Items S6 EP3, Wings 2.5, Wings de nuevas clases, Sets y Armas de nuevas clases, Pentagramas (No elemental), Normal y Excellent Archangel Weapons.
  • Arka War

Stage 2

  • Boss Battle Together
  • Exce Items from Normal Drop
  • Invasion de Dorados
  • Mapas: Ferea, Nixies Lake, Swamp of Darkness
  • Selupan  Event
  • Imperial Guardian (Varka)
  • Items: Items 380 y Socket S6

Stage 3

  • Mapas: Nars, Uruk Mountain
  • Lord Silvester
  • Core Magriffy
  • Guild Reign
  • Kundun Event
  • Ancient Items in Chaos Castle +5 +6 +7
  • Items: Jewel of Guardian, Ancient Items

Stage 4

  • Castle Siege
  • Lord of Ferea
  • Mapas: Nixies Lake, Swamp of Darkness
  • Items: Socket S8, Conqueror Badge, Seal of Ghost Horse, Sculpture

Stage 5

  • Master Level (100)
  • Mapas: Kubera Mine, Deep Dungeon, Atlans Abbys, Scotch Canyon
  • Items: Todos los materiales para la creación de Wings S4

Stage 6

  • Master Level (200)
  • Nix
  • Lord of Darkness
  • Mapas: Gray Aida, Temple of Arnil, Old Kethotum, Kanturu Undergrounds, Ignis Vulcanus, Bloody Tarkan, Torment Island
  • Items: Todos los materiales para la creación de Wings S5
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