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Event Drop List


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Event Drop List

Events Drops
Blood Castle 1-5 Jewels
Blood Castle 6-8 Jewels, Normal Archangel Weapons, Loch's Feather
Devil Square Jewels
Chaos Castle 1-5 Jewels
Chaos Castle 6-7 Jewels, Ancient Items, Gemstone, Jewel of Guardian, Excellent Archangel Weapons
Illusion Temple Jewels
PvP Events Jewels
Lucky Coin 10 (2) Jewels
Lucky Coin 20 (3) Jewels, Harmony, Spirit of Guardian, Demon, Talisman of Luck
Lucky Coin 30 (4) Jewels, Harmony, Spirit of Guardian, Demon, Talisman of Luck, Talisman of Chaos Assembly
Silver Box (1) Jewels, Sphere (Mono, Di ,Tri)
Golden Box (2) Jewels, Spirit of Guardian, Demon, Sphere (Tetra, Penta)
Skeleton King Jewels, Death King Bone
Red Dragon Jewels
White Wizard Jewels, Zen
Rabbits Jewels
Summer Jewels, Lucky Coin, Talisman of Luck
Gorgon Exce Gorgon Staff, Chaos Weapon, Jewels
Ice Queen Exce Angelic Staff, Chaos Weapon, Jewels
Balrog Exce Bill of Balrog, Chaos Weapon, Jewels
Zaikan Exce Staff of Destruction, Chaos Weapon, Jewels
Varka (Gaion) Items 380 Normal
Nightmare Exce Items, Steel of Heaven
Kundun Exce Items, Ancient Items, Steel of Heaven
Medusa Exce Items, Steel of Heaven
Selupan Socket S6 Items, Steel of Heaven
Lord Silvester Socket S8 Sets + Weapons, Steel of Heaven
Core Magriffy Socket S8 Sets + Combination Notes, Steel of Heaven
Lord of Ferea Steel of Heaven
Nixie -
God of Darkness -
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