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Changelogs May 3

Message added by Funky,

The changelog begins to apply after the May 3rd maintenance.

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» Se habilitaron nuevos mapas de forma permanente: Acheron (Alkamar y Ubaid).
» Se habilito el evento Protector of Acheron (Martes, Jueves y Sábados).
» Se corrigió el tiempo de Spawn de algunos mobs de Icarus, Tarkan y Atlans (estaban más alto de lo que deberian).
» Se agrego el comando /offstore a partir de nivel 1 en Loren Market.
» Se corrigió un error en la Muun Pet Kundun (Estaba dando HP porcentual en vez de fija).
» Ahora el requerimiento de nivel para todas las clases para ingresar a los eventos de Blood Castle, Devil Square y Chaos Castle es la misma para todos (Nivel Standar).

» New maps are permanently enabled: Acheron (Alkamar and Ubaid).
» The Protector of Acheron event was enabled (Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday).
» Fixed the Spawn time of some Icarus, Tarkan and Atlans mobs (it was higher than it should be).
» The /offstore command is added from level 1 in Loren Market.
» Fixed a bug in the Muun Pet Kundun (It was giving percentage HP instead of fixed).
» Now the level requirement for all classes to enter the Blood Castle, Devil Square and Chaos Castle events is the same for all (Standard Level).

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