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Lord Silvester


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Materials Muun Pets Socket Items
Steel of Heaven Lord Silvester Absolute Scepter
    Dark Stinger
    Deadly Staff
    Eternal Wing Stick
    Frost Mace
    Inberial Staff
    Rune Bastard Sword
    Sword Breaker
    Crimson Glory
    Salamander Shield
    Frost Barrier
    Guardian Shield
    Succubus Helm
    Lazy Wind Helm
    Dark Devil Helm
    Sticky Helm
    Ambition Mask
    Bloody Dragon Helm
    Succubus Pants
    Lazy Wind Pants
    Dark Devil Pants
    Sticky Pants
    Hell Night Pants
    Ambition Pants
    Bloody Dragon Pants
    Succubus Boots
    Lazy Wind Boots
    Dark Devil Boots
    Sticky Boots
    Hell Night Boots
    Ambition Boots
    Bloody Dragon Boots
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