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LAMUS Legend Closed Beta


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Hi everyone!

I am pleased to announce our private MU Legend server. This is a project in continuous development aimed at providing the best gaming experience possible. Here are some key details about our server:

  • Continuous Development: We are constantly working on game development, ensuring new features, improvements, and bug fixes.
  • No Pay-to-Win (P2W): We want all players to have a fair and balanced experience. Our server is not P2W. The only items for sale are cosmetics that do not affect gameplay.
  • VIP Benefits for All: All players receive VIP benefits, ensuring a rewarding and enjoyable experience for everyone.
  • Season System: LAMUS Legend has a seasonal system, each season lasts 3 to 6 months, depending on the number of players and the competition there is. Once the current season ends, the server will move to the legacy realm, maintaining all account and character information, and will continue to be accessible, while in parallel a new previously announced server will open corresponding to the new ongoing season of the game, with new content and rates. In this way we provide constant replayability and allow new players to get involved with the community, having the opportunity to be the best in a season and earn rewards for doing so. In addition to this, in each season we will have a summary of the best moments and/or players of each season.


Game Progression Overhaul

We have completely reworked the character progression system. The experience curves have been adjusted so that when you're running a level 20 dungeon, your character level is as close to 20 as possible. This provides a consistently challenging experience and the opportunity to discover new items to boost your character’s power.

Established Community and Servers

We already have a thriving community with many users and three MU Online servers that have been running for several months. Our commitment to updates ensures that all users can invest their time knowing that their investment is highly valued by us.

Closed Beta

The closed beta will commence on Friday, June 31st.
This will be the final beta test before the official launch of the server! We're eager to gather feedback from our community to ensure the best possible experience for everyone

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