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Evomon evolves
The main advantage of the Evomon evolves on LAMUS, is the opportunity to win great rewards. 

What is this: You will summon an Evomon monster. After you will kill it, there is a chance that Evomon's monster will evolve to the next level. The higher level you get - the higher your chance to receive a high place in the ranking and receive a better box.

Where to obtain: Need to acquire the Evomon summoning scroll. For that, you will need to collect 25 pieces of a summoning scroll. Once you have collected all 25, they will automatically transform into an Evomon summoning scroll in your event inventory (CNTRL V). 

MU Helper and search tip
Information about where to find parts, you can find here [Drop Info, Bosses, Events and Other]. 
Piece of Summoning Scroll
Evomon Summoning Scroll

How to play
Open the "Event inventory" (CTRL+V or click on it on the top-right of the screen) and drop "Evomon summoning scroll" on the ground outside of the safe zone.

How to receive a prize
You will receive it automatically to the "Gremory case" (press the "K" button)
If memorized Evomon Level is greated or equal 30 and Evomon Level is lower than 69 then Evomon Level is increased by 4 every Evomon kill, otherwise it is increased by 1

Rewards from Evomon Boxes

Minor Evomon
Zen, Jewels or Ancient

Standard Evomon
Zen, Jewels, Lesser Spirit Stone  or Ancient

Greater Evomon 
Zen, Jewels, Lesser Spirit Stone, Box of Kundun (1-5)  or Ancient

Luxurious Evomon 
Jewels, Intermediate Spirit Stone, Box of Kundun (1-5) or Ancient

Magnificent Evomon 
Note Upgrade Socket, Intermediate Spirit Stone, Steel of Heaven, Errtel Rank 1 (Random Element)  or Ancient

Legendary Evomon 
Errtel Rank 1 (Random Element), Pentagrams (Unique Level 300), Fragment of Radiance Slot (1-4) 

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