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Steel of Heaven
Eclipse Set
Ashcrow Set
Iris Set
Valiant Set
Glorious Set
Black Origin Set
Noble Pixie Set
Magic Flare Set
Frere Set
Nightwing Set
Kenaz Set
Hirat Set
Pluma Lance
Pluma Shield
Frere Magic Gun
Shining Feather Magic Book
Blue Moon Orb
Xeno Blade
Pendant of Wind
Pendant of Water
Pendant of Ability
Ring of Earth
Ring of Wind
Ring of Magic
Ruud Box (10) (2)
Ruud Box (50) (2)
Ruud Box (500) (2)
Jewel of Bless (3)
Jewel of Soul (3)
Jewel of Creation (2)
Jewel of Life (2)
Nightmare Muun Pet
Goblin Points (100)
Silver Key
Golden Key

Maya Hands
Devil's Invitation
Invisibility Cloak
Lost Map



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