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Items Socket  (1-3 Socket Slots)
Brave Set
Phantom Set
Destroy Set
Rune Divine Set
Divine Set
Eternal Wing Set
Fidelity Set
Grace Set
Hades Set
Royal Set
Primal Set
Finesse Set
Bright Set
Titan Gunner Set
Seraphim Set
Tigris Set
Titan  Set
Absolute Scepter
Dark Stinger
Deadly Staff
Eternal Wing Stick
Frost Mace
Frost Rune Mace
Inberial Staff
Pantera Claws
Paring Short Sword
Rectuus Lance
Rune Bastard Sword
Sword Breaker
Weiwen Magic Gun
Dragon Blade
Spinel Orb
Crimson Glory
Frost Barrier
Grace Shield
Guardian Shield
Salamander Shield

Other drops
Steel of Heaven
Muun Egg
Mysterious Stone
Ruud Box
Goblin Points
Silver Key
Golden Key


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