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Elite Zones


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Las Elite Zones son áreas de hunting donde encontraras monstruos con el nombre (Elite) y un aura en los pies, lo cual indica que son mas fuertes y con características especiales. Los monstruos Elite tienen opciones de Debuff Elite y Skills Elite con un 100% de probabilidad de que se aplique un Debuff Elite.

Lista de drop
Jewel of Harmony
Uriel's Feather
Golden Sentence
Elite Guardian Enhanced
Guardian Elite Opt Change
Sealed Armor Sculpture
Elite Healing Potion
Elite Mana Potion

Lista de Mobs Elite
(Elite) Great Bahamut of Abyss
(Elite) Lizard King of Abyss
(Elite) Scorched Warrior
(Elite) Scorched Assassins
(Elite) Scorched Wizard
(Elite) Great Drakan
(Elite) Phoenix of Darkness
(Elite) Temple Ogre
(Elite) Temple Gremlin
(Elite) Temple Gargoyle
(Elite) Ashy Golem
(Elite) Ashy Witch Queen
(Elite) Underground Persona
(Elite) Underground Dreadfear
(Elite) Magma Gladiator
(Elite) Magma Hook
(Elite) Magma Shaman
(Elite) Bloody Wolf of Fresh Blood
(Elite) Bloody Beam Knight
(Elite) Bloody Tantalus
(Elite) Storm Guard
(Elite) Storm Reaper
(Elite) Storm Fiend 


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