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Lord Mix


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» Can only be used by the Guild Master of the castle's winning alliance.
» You can use Lord Mix a maximum of 1 time per day.
» You must have 30 Jewel of Bless, 30 Jewel of Soul, 30 Jewel of Guardian and 100,000,000 Zen to use the MIX.

Mix Rewards
GM Gift (50 Bless, 50 Soul, 25 Life, 25 Creation, 25 Harmony)
Ice Dragon (Rare)
Pierce Lion (Rare)
Ruud Box (10000)
Pentagram Emblem
Manticore Anvil
Brilliant Soul
Blood Crafting Frame
Silver Heart Anvil
Pierce Lion Seal
Ice Dragon Seal
Knight Blade
Dark Reign Blade
Great Lord Scepter
Arrow Viper Bow
Platina Staff
Albatross Bow
Shining Scepter
Sword Dancer
Great Dragon Set
Red Spirit Set
Dark Soul Set
Dark Master Set
Hurricane Set
Ashcrow Set
Eclipse Set
Iris Set
Valiant Set
Glorious Set
Black Origin Set
Noble Pixie Set
Magic Flare Set
Frere Set
Nightwing Set
Kanaz Set
Hirat Set
Sword of Destruction
Rune Blade
Lord Scepter
Dragon Spear
Great Reign Crossbow
Staff of Resurrection
Dragon Soul Staff
Celestial Bow
Thunder Blade
Dragon Shield
Legendary Shield
Grand Soul Shield
Elemental Shield
Staff of Kundun
Xeno Blade
Blue Moon Orb
Frere Magic Gun
Cookery Short Sword
Shinning Feather Magic Book
El Hazard Mace
El Hazard Shield
Pluma Lance
Vis Lance
Vis Shield
Pluma Shield

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