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Monster Soul Converter


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In order to use Monster Soul Converter you have to purchase the Monster Soul Transformer from NPC James located in Elbeland. You can preview the requirements needed to complete the quest from the item preview.

The objective is to obtain souls from certain mobs depending on the converter we have, by killing the monsters in the mission you have a certain probability of obtaining their soul. Once the requirements have been completed, you can request the reward by completing the assigned missions by right-clicking on the Monster Soul Converter.

  • You cannot carry more than one Soul Converter at a time.
  • Monster souls are shared among party members.
  • The system has a weekly limit, and until then you cannot use it again.
  • The Monster Soul Converters have an expiration date, if you do not use them they will disappear.

RUUD Rewards
[Lvl1] Monster Soul Converter: 100 to 1500 RUUD
[Lvl2] Monster Soul Converter: 200 to 2000 RUUD
[Lvl3] Monster Soul Converter: 300 to 3000 RUUD
[Lvl4] Monster Soul Converter: 400 to 4000 RUUD
[Lvl5] Monster Soul Converter: 500 to 5000 RUUD

Items Rewards
Elemental Rune, Pentagrams, Jewels, Bless of Light 
Rage Earring (L), Rage Earring (R) (Up to three excellent options)
Jasper Necklace, Lapis Lazuli Necklace, Battle Jasper Necklace, Battle Lagoon Necklace (With Excellent Options)
(If the Soul Converter is of a higher level we will have better chances of obtaining important elements and a greater quantity). 


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