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Box of Kundun


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Box of Kundun +1
Leather Set
Pad Set
Vine Set
Robust Set
Leather Gunner Set
Magic Pad Set
Rune Pad Set
Morning Star
Light Spear
Small Axe
Hand Axe
Skull Staff
Short Bow
Small Shield
Horn Shield
Kite Shield
Prickle Lance

Box of Kundun +2
Bronze Set
Bone Set
Silk Set
Wind Set
Violent Wind Set
Glimmer Set
Illusion Knight Scale Set
Slayer Red Wing Set
Gru Hill Set
Giant Trident
Dragon Lance
Dragon Lance
Giant Trident
Serpent Spear
Double Poleaxe
Sword of Assassin
Serpent Staff
Elven Shield
Plate Shield
Skull Shield
Flat Short Sword
Basic Magic Book
Lapid Lance
Alacran Shield
Pendant of Fire
Pendant of Lighting
Ring of Ice
Ring of Poison

Box of Kundun +3
Scale Set
Spirit Set
Light Plate Set
Red Wing Set
Sphinx Set
Illusion Knight Plate Set
Magic Sphinx Set
Scale Gunner Set
Slayer Ancient Set
Rune Sphinx    Set
Princie Set
Light Ray Set
Light Spear
Legendary Sword
Battle Scepter
Double Axe
Elven Axe
Great Hammer
Gorgon Staff
Thunder Staff
Violent Wind Stick
Book of Shamut
Tiger Bow
Serpent Crossbow
Spiked Shield
Tower Shield
Serpent Shield
Bronze Shield
Element Magic Book
Royal Orb
Elemental Rune Mace
Conmocion Lance
Dragon Slayer Shield
Ring of Fire
Ring of Earth
Ring of Wind
Ring of Magic
Pendant of Wind
Pendant of Water
Pendant of Ability
Pendant of Ice

Box of Kundun +4
Dragon Set
Legendary Set
Guardian Set
Adamantine Set
Storm Crow Set
Sacred Fire Set
Steel Plate Set
Rune Legendary Set
Magic Legendary Set
Sate Set
Flash Set
Slayer Demonic Set
Round Gunner Set
Sacred Glove
Lighting Sword
Sword of Destruction
Elemental Mace
Rune Blade
Master Scepter
Staff of Resurrection
Staff of Destruction
Legendary Staff
Red Wing Stick
Book of Neil
Aquagold Crossbow
Saint Crossbow
Silver Bow
Legendary Shield
Dragon Shield
Entropy Gun
Attribute Magic Book
Dacia Short Sword
Alacran Lance
Lapid Shield
Silver Blade
Myotis Orb
Combat Quiver

Box of Kundun +5
Dark Phoenix Set
Grand Soul Set
Dark Steel Set
Thunder Hawk Set
Ancient Set
Storm Jahad Set
Holy Spirit Set
Steel Plate
Black Origin Set
Noble Pixie Set
Magic Flare Set
Frere Set
Nightwing Set
Kanaz Set
Hirat Set
Dark Breaker
Dragon Spear
Thunder Blade
Great Lord Scepter
Holy Storm Claws
Staff of Kundun
Ancient Stick
Book of Lagle
Celestial Bow
Grand Soul Shield
Elemental Shield
Xeno Blade
Blue Moon Orb
Frere Magic Gun
Cookery Short Sword
Shinning Feather Magic Book
El Hazard Mace
El Hazard Shield
Pluma Lance
Vis Lance
Vis Shield
Pluma Shield


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