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Silver & Gold Medal


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Silver Medal Mobs 1 to 92
Items +7 & +4 option
Gold Medal Mobs Level 50 to 150
Items +9 & +8 option

Item List
Pad Set
Bone Set
Bronze Set
Sphinx Set
Leather Set
Mage Pad Set
Glimmer Set
Vine Set
Silk Set
Wind Set
Robust Set
IK Scale Set
Slayer Red Wing
Violent Wind
Leather Gunner Set
Scale Gunner Set
Basic Magic Book
Sacred Glove
Elemental Rune Mace
Entropy Gun
Flat Short Sword
Mystery Stick
Royal Orb
Skull Staff
Tiger Bow
Small Shield
Lapid Lance
Lapid Shield
Flat Short Sword
Horn Shield
Kite Shield
Elven Shield
Dragon Slayer Shield
Skull Shield
Spiked Shield
Tower Shield
Plate Shield
Large Round Shield
Serpent Shield
Short Sword
Sword of Assassin
Small Axe
Hand Axe
Double Axe
Morning Star
Light Spear
Short Bow
Battle Bow
Elven Bow
Silver Blade


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